Chapter Two

The rain had settled itself into thick drops dripping from fat trees by the time she staggered up to Andy’s door.  A heavy wind had come on about halfway there, flensing her and almost causing her to give up.   Fuck, she’d thought the rain had hurt. The bags were torn and muddy around her feet.  […]

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Chapter One

It was dark, cold – a little damp.   The darkness was proper darkness too – no light sources at all.  Just her and the dark.  Her legs pressed against soft wood and earth, the grains of it crushed against her.  She was wearing a dress; it was threadbare, uncomfortable, dirt flecked.  She could feel splinters […]

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At first she thought he’d bumped into her.  Then she felt a thin cold touch on her stomach, like brushing against an electric fence.  He hadn’t moved from in front of her, and his arm was in between them.  It shifted, just a little, and she saw the flash in the street lights, but by […]

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