At first she thought he’d bumped into her.  Then she felt a thin cold touch on her stomach, like brushing against an electric fence.  He hadn’t moved from in front of her, and his arm was in between them.  It shifted, just a little, and she saw the flash in the street lights, but by then the pain had arrived, shooting and sharp across her whole body, like a punch to the gut.  Overwhelming.

She stumbled slightly, enough that his whole arm collided with her as he stabbed again, forcing the air from her lungs.   Her ribs ached.  She could see the blade now, and the blood, and the pain seemed to intensify.  Someone nearby screamed as they worked out what was happening.

This is ridiculous, she thought.  This street is packed with people, and they only just noticed?  The blade flashed up and down again and she gave a gurgle, unsurprised to find her mouth filled with the thick salt of blood.

His eyes were brown.  More russet than anything else, despite the monochrome orange of the surroundings.  The knife struck again, familiar by now.  The blood was dribbling down her chin.

Her frame of reference shifted, sky swinging into view as gravity took hold and she half collapsed, stumbling sideways.  There was a thick ringing in her ears, and for a moment she could  swear she heard someone say her name, but then the lights were coming on too fast, and then there was a shock of impact across her midsection, a deep grinding crack and she was flying, hurtling through the air until she landed and her sight cut off , consciousness disappearing into nothing.



2 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. I came over from Space Battles and Sufficient Velocity to read more of your writing, since what I’ve seen there is very good 🙂 The prologue is quite short, but I’ve liked Dead To Begin With since YuYu Hakusho. That last sentence…it has interesting implications. I look forward to more.



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