Chapter Nine

The next day, Viv woke to doubt. It wasn’t really soul-crushing, or some sort of existential dread.  It was just a tingling worry, lodged somewhere in her lumbar vertebrae – was this really the best path?  Looking into this – wouldn’t Andy be in more danger?  She’d only stood on the periphery of this whatever-this-was […]

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Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight A blur.  Endless.  Limitless.  Potentiality given form, compressed.  Sorrow.  Determination.  Anger.  A billion year plan, moving incrementally towards an inevitable conclusion, hidden in the ticking of the clock, a zugzwang that closed off every possibility save those which were beneficial behind the tiniest of incidents – the perfect, unchanging path to – Viv […]

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Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven She entered to dull green carpets, beige wood shelves lined with books shining under harsh fluorescent light.  Tables with slim wood and metal chairs lay scattered around the room. All in all, it looked like a public library – the dull modern sort.  It even had the ancient computers sitting in a corner, […]

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Chapter Six

God damn Vivien.  God damn her.  It was uncomfortably warm, the wet heat of summer’s eve.  She was soaked in it, sweat pooling in her armpits and back and the creases of her fucking eyelids.  God damn summer.  God damn sun.  God damn Vivien.  And god damn these crowds.  Why were there so many people […]

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Chapter Five

Viv was, somehow, not surprised to see Paul standing there.  After everything that had just happened it wasn’t exciting. She brushed at her jacket.  The cuts in her hands had vanished alongside the hole in her head, and from the feel of it her feet had healed up as well.  She summoned up just enough […]

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Chapter Four

The street was cold, the sky the eggshell blue of a freezing day.  Wisps of cloud lay drizzled on the horizon, and through them the pale glow of the sun stared implacable onto the roads still lit by the thinning orange haze of streetlights. Viv jogged down the street – the tracksuit was warm, though […]

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Chapter Three

Viv stared at the knife.  It lay there, almost innocuous.  Shining.  It was definitely a bread knife, scalloped along one edge.  Viv thought she could see an obstinate bread crumb trapped in one serration. Andy’s retching had died down, but Viv’s ears were filled with such white noise that she didn’t even notice. Paul hadn’t […]

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